⟡ tattoo tips ⟡

preparing for a tattoo

before the appointment
  • a good night's sleep before increases your pain tolerance
  • eat a meal at least an hour before getting tattooed
  • stay hydrated and moisturised a week before
  • do not consume alcohol or drugs 24 hours before
  • no need to shave body hair beforehand as this will be done during the appointment
  • sunburns, cuts, eczema and recently damaged skin cannot be tattooed over
  • when booking, let me know if you'd prefer a silent appointment and I will only ask you essential questions if needed
during the appointment
  • bring snacks and water/soda - keeps blood sugar up to stay level-headed and prevent fainting
  • wear loose, comfortable clothing, please ask if you're unsure of what to wear depending on tattoo placement
  • feel free to bring a book/headphones to distract yourself
  • I usually tattoo quietly in order to focus but I'm always happy to chat

the tattoo process

  • online booking

    After submitting a booking form, you'll receive a reply with a pricing quote, available dates, design clarifications if needed and deposit info.

  • design consultation

    Custom designs are shown on the day of the appointment and we can make any changes you'd like before tattooing. Any major changes, such as a complete design re-do may incur extra charges, so please be specific during the email process.

  • applying the stencil

    Once the design is finalised, your skin will be cleaned and prepped ready to try on different sized stencils of the design. The stencil can be rubbed away and reapplied until you're happy with how it looks.

  • tattooing begins

    The most exciting part! During the process, let me know if you need to stretch, eat or take a break.

  • photos and videos

    Hope you like the tattoo! After letting the tattoo rest for a few mins I take photos and videos for my portfolio. Please let me know if you'd rather not have photos posted on social media.

  • aftercare

    You'll receive a complimentary aftercare kit, including the aftercare instructions, a tattoo ointment sample, free stickers, club cards and sweets!

the aftercare

please follow these steps to help your tattoo heal optimally:
  1. Leave cling film on for 3 hours minimum or leave second-skin on for 1-2 days
    No need to re-wrap unless told otherwise
  2. Remove bandage and gently wash with warm water and fragrance-free soap
    Sanex Zero% shower gel is recommended
  3. Carefully pat dry with a clean paper towel
    Do not harshly scrub or scratch the tattoo
  4. Apply a thin layer of aftercare ointment
    Clean and moisturise your tattoo 2-3 times a day
  5. Avoid direct sun and soaking your tattoo
    Avoid swimming pools, saunas, baths, sunbathing, sweaty exercise and scratching for at least 2 weeks.

Tattoos take around 2 weeks to heal.
After healing, tattoos take around 3-6 months to fully settle into the skin so use SPF 50 sun cream and continue moisturising to keep your tattoo looking it's best!

email me at lissixiu@gmail.com

if you have any questions or concerns.