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⬩ important info ⬩

studio location / guest spots

Studio location:
I work from a private studio in London, 10mins walk from Liverpool Street station and Shoreditch High Street station. Address given upon booking.

Guest spot travel dates:

New York: Summer 2025 (tbc)

• Brighton Tattoo Con: Feb 24
• Nottingham: March 15-17 '22
• Edinburgh: April 1-23 '22
• Paris: July 28-30 '22
• Brighton: Sept 17-19 '22
• Newcastle: Oct 7-9 '22
• Newcastle: Dec 5-8 '22
• Lisbon: March 22-24 '23
• New York: May 24-28 '23
• Toronto: May 31-June 2 '23
• Brighton: August 18-19 '23

Email me to suggest a city/studio I should travel to!

flash design info

What are flash?
A portfolio of my original designs that I would love to tattoo!
I prioritise flash related bookings over customs. Flash designs are priced lower than custom designs.

Available designs
Choose from the designs listed on my flash book page or the 'flash' highlights on my Instagram.
These designs are copyrighted and only to be tattooed by me, not stolen and given to another tattooist.

Non-repeatable flash
These designs will only be tattooed once. Once sold out they will not be tattooed again. However custom variations of the design can be requested so it's made unique to you.

Repeatable flash
These designs will be tattooed unlimited times - custom variations can also be requested.

custom design info

If you're looking for botanical, fineline, portraits/figurative, abstract, micro realism, contemporary, mystical, style tattoos, I'd love to work with you!

Custom versions of flash designs 
These can be requested if you'd like a personalised variation of one of my flash made.

How to book a custom
Fill in the form below, try to be as specific as possible when describing your idea. Attach any reference, inspiration and placement images that may help with visualising your idea.

Please note, I do not directly copy tattoos/designs by other artists.
This does not apply to classic/fanart, (e.g Van Gogh paintings, anime, movie screenshots etc.) or designs you have written permission to get tattooed.

prices and deposits

Tattoos are priced per project. The quote depends on design complexity, style, size, placement and number of coloured inks used.

Flash designs 
start from £250 - final price depends on size, placement and the design.

Custom designs 
start from £350 - priced per project depending on design, complexity, size and placement.

Multiple designs 
Depending on size and complexity, multiple designs can be done in one session at a cheaper rate altogether, as this saves on materials and set up time.

Book me for the day 
You can get a large design or multiple designs for a day rate starting at £900.
(final price depends on size and complexity etc.)

Guest spot
Prices vary depending on the city.

To reserve your booking a £150 deposit will be required.
For full day sessions a £250 deposit will be required.

Deposits go toward the final price of the tattoo and are non-refundable, unless I have to reschedule/cancel. Bookings are not confirmed until a deposit is sent.

If you need to reschedule, let me know at least 5 days in advance so I can fill the slot. I will reschedule you and keep the deposit valid. If you reschedule more than once a new deposit will be required.

schedule availability

London studio times
I work from Monday to Saturday 10am - 7pm.
Please note, Saturdays are very limited due to popularity, so weekday bookings are preferable.

Cancellation slots
Any last minute available slots are posted on my Instagram stories and can be claimed asap via DMs.

Guest spot
Dates and times vary. Travel schedules will be found on this page and Instagram.

⟡ book a tattoo ⟡

all skin tones and body types are welcome

your first tattoo or need aftercare tips?

creating fine line flows and dreamscapes

I love making delicate fine line tattoos with soft textures and abstract flows that move harmoniously with the body.

Exploring themes of nature, mysticism and the cosmos, the clash of eastern and western traditions, feminine sensuality and emotions. If this resonates, I'd love to work with you.

Lunar Nymphs ☽

Suspended in abstract dream scapes, this figurative series features ethereal 'nymphs' in various states of mood; melancholy, yearning, wonder, hedonism, empowerment... Captured in the moment yet always in flux.

Inspired by music, poetry, landscapes and movies, I aim to release original Lunar Nymph flash designs monthly. Have a look through my flash book for available designs.

Custom Lunar Nymphs can be booked too, I'd love to create figures that reflect your story or the feeling you'd like to portray!

hope to see you for a tattoo soon!