please read before booking

⬩ important info ⬩

where are you located?

I am based in London, UK at Aura Ninety Four in North Greenwich.

do you travel for guest spots?

• 2024 dates tbc

• Nottingham: March 15-17 '22
• Edinburgh: April 1-23 '22
• Paris: July 28-30 '22
• Brighton: Sept 17-19 '22
• Newcastle: Oct 7-9 '22
• Newcastle: Dec 5-8 '22
• Lisbon: March 22-24 '23
• New York: May 24-28 '23
• Toronto: May 31-June 2 '23
• Brighton: August 18-19 '23

email me to suggest a city/studio I should travel to ♡

what are flash designs?

A portfolio of my original designs that I would love to tattoo.
I prioritise flash related bookings over customs and they are usually priced cheaper than custom designs.

Available designs are found on the 'Flash' highlights tab on my Instagram, or are available upon request.
Repeatable flash are designs that will be tattooed unlimited times - custom variations can also be requested.
Non-repeatable flash will only be tattooed once. Once sold out they will not be tattooed again. However custom variations of the design can be requested so it's made unique to you.

do you do custom tattoos?

Yes, I love designing unique, custom tattoos that fit my style; botanical, portraiture/figurative, abstract, glitchy, flowline.

Custom versions of flash designs can be requested if you'd like a bespoke variation made.

To book a custom, fill in the form below and attach any reference and placement images that may help with designing.
Please note, I do not copy other designs without written consent from the original artist.

Custom designs will only be worked on once a deposit has been paid.
Designs are shown on the day of the appointment (to prevent clients running away with designs to other tattooists). We can make any changes you'd like during the appointment before starting to tattoo.

I take on a limited amount of customs a month so not all customs will be accepted, please don't take this personally. And if your idea doesn't fit my style I'll forward you to a better suited artist :)

how much are your tattoos?

Tattoos are priced per project. The quote depends on design complexity, style, size, placement and number of coloured inks used.

Flash designs start from £220, final price depends on size, placement and the design.

Custom designs start from £300, and are priced per project depending on design, complexity, size and placement.
(Please note smaller sizes does not necessarily mean a cheaper price, as heavily detailed, small work takes just as much skill as larger works.)

Multiple designs can be done in one session at a cheaper rate altogether (as this saves on materials and set up).

Book me for the day (11am - 6pm) and get a large design or multiple designs for a day rate of around £900 (final price dependant on design complexity).

Minimum is £180, e.g a small fineline heart design will be £180, so I’d recommend booking multiple small tattoos (1-4cm) in one session for £180.

Guest spot prices vary depending on the city.

do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, to reserve your booking a £160 deposit will be required. For full day sessions deposits will be £260.

Deposits go toward the final price of the tattoo and are non-refundable, unless I have to reschedule/cancel. Bookings are not confirmed until a deposit is sent.

what is your availability?

In London, I work from Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 6pm.
Please note Saturdays are very limited due to popularity, so weekday bookings are preferable.

Cancellation slots or last minute available slots are posted on my Instagram stories and can be claimed asap via DMs.

Guest spot dates and times vary. Travel schedules can be found on this page and Instagram.

can I reschedule my tattoo?

Let me know at least 5 days in advance so I can fill the slot. I will reschedule you and keep the deposit valid. If you reschedule more than once a new deposit will be required.

you must be 18+ and provide I.D. when requested

⬩ book a tattoo ⬩

  • ⬩ preparing for a tattoo ⬩

    before the appointment

    • have a good nights sleep the day before as it increases your pain tolerance
    • eat a meal at least an hour before getting tattooed
    • stay hydrated and moisturised
    • do not consume alcohol or drugs
    • no need to shave beforehand as this will be done during the appointment
    • please note, sunburns, cuts and recently damaged skin cannot be tattooed over

    during the appointment

    • bring snacks and a bottle of water or a sugary-drink, sugar keeps blood sugar up to stay level-headed and prevent fainting
    • wear loose fit, comfortable clothing, please ask if you're unsure of what to wear depending on tattoo placement
    • feel free to bring a book/movie or listen to music/a podcast during the session
    • I usually tattoo quietly to focus but I'm always happy to chat :)
    • don't be afraid to ask for breaks!

    When booking, let me know if you'd prefer a silent appointment and I will only ask you essential questions if needed.
    If you have any questions or concerns email me at

  • ⬩ tattoo aftercare ⬩

    please follow these steps to help your tattoo heal optimally:

    1. Your tattoo will be wrapped with protective cling film/second skin bandage.
      Leave cling film on for minimum 3 hours, or leave second-skin on for 1-2 days.
      No need to re-wrap unless told otherwise.
    2. Remove bandage and wash with clean water and unfragranced soap.
      Sanex Zero% shower gel is recommended.
    3. Carefully pat dry with a clean paper towel.
      Do not scrub or scratch the tattoo as this will damage the fine lines.
    4. Apply a thin layer of aftercare cream/oil.
      Palmers Cocoa butter, organic coconut oil or Hustle Butter are recommended.
    5. Repeat the cleaning and moisterising process 2-3 times a day, morning and night especially.

    Avoid these during the 2 week healing process:
    Swimming pools, baths, submerging your tattoo in water for long periods, sunbathing, fake tan and scratching (softly tapping or blowing on the tattoo may ease itchiness.)

    Tattoos take around 2 weeks to heal.
    After it's healed, tattoos take around 3-6 months to fully settle into the skin, so use SPF 50 sun cream and continue to moisturise to keep your tattoo looking it's best!

    Please send me healed photos
    Preferably taken by someone else in natural, bright lighting.