hi, I'm Lisa

a tattooist and fine artist

dedicated to sharing my creative visions and helping you adorn your skin with beautiful symbolism

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Born and raised in London, UK to Chinese Mauritian parents, provided me with a wealth of multiculturalism that will forever inspire my work. Growing up on graphic novels and finding solace in sketchbooks after school, I was inevitably drawn to a creative path. But as many second generation children can relate to, there are certain paths expected of us - me: "I want to be an artist" parents: "that's not how you spell doctor".

Still, there was never a doubt in my mind, I knew I was an artist, I just had to figure out what exactly that looked like for me.

Thinking I'd go into filmmaking, I graduated with a BA degree in Animation. Post-grad I started working for marketing agencies, progressing to senior digital designer with clients including Disney, Twitter, Sony Music and NBCUniversal. But at the same time I was constantly working on personal side projects to stay creatively autonomous and sane - exhibiting my art in galleries and sharing work online.

Eventually, I quit the office grind to focus and fall back in love with art...

During this time, a tattoo artist found my art online and offered me an apprenticeship at a prestigious South London studio. Introducing me to a refreshing world of creative freedom with a rich history.

I accepted and my tattooing journey began...

Immediately I fell in love with the technicalities and the thoughtful and meditative process. Tattooing allows us to express our identity, honour our ancestors and mark milestones. I saw the positive mental impacts tattooing can have on both client and artist and knew this was the right art form for me.

Tattooing since late 2020, I am honoured when clients choose my original flash designs to wear forever. Have a look through my flash book and pick your favourites.

Equally, I love bringing your unique custom ideas to life. A collaboration that produces personalised body art that flows harmoniously with the wearer. Find out more and let's work together.

Getting to see clients have renewed confidence and love for themselves will forever fuel my soul

Thank you for visiting and supporting my craft!

exhibitions and events

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the past ,,
2016, 'Conflict', Dark Sugars, London
2016, 'Roots', Dark Sugars, London
2016, 'Pancakes & Booze', Studio Spaces, London
2016, 'Origins', Dark Sugars, London
2016, 'ERA-404', The Ben Oakley gallery, London
2015, 'It's the Dogs', The Ben Oakley gallery, London
2015, 'Femme Fierce' Street Art Festival, London
2014, 'Vday Art Show' Brighton Tattoo Convention
2014, 'Art In Mind', Brick Lane gallery, London
2014, 'The Scribble Project', City Library, Melbourne
2013, 'No Flakes', The Ben Oakley gallery, London
2012, 'Urban Barrier', No Format gallery, London

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