hi, i'm Lisa

working from a cosy london studio, i make artworks on skin, paper and wood. influenced by mood, nature, space and dreams. my artworks include elements that draw from nostalgia, poetry and symbols from my asian heritage (mauritian chinese).

specialising in delicate fineline tattoos, i love to create tattoos with organic abstract flow, botanical and figurative motifs

tattooing since late 2020, not only do i love tattooing my flash designs, i love creating custom designs for clients that intertwine my artwork with their personal story. a collaboration that produces artworks that are unique and flow harmoniously with the body. let's work together.

thank you for visiting and supporting my craft

weaving together realism and surrealism to create visual dream worlds made of graphite, paint and ink

frequently asked questions

what pencils and materials do you use?

I love mechanical pencils: Pentel Graphgear 500 in various sizes and Platinum Polyter MPH-16 are my favourites.

For precision erasing, kneadable rubbers are the best. For blending, I use a cheap dry brush and blending stumps. I draw on smooth cartridge paper ranging from 130gsm - 230gsm.

I use Procreate on the iPad for drawing most tattoo designs and planning sketches.

how long have you been drawing?

Probably before I could write, I drew all the time, doodling in classes and whenever I could!

are you self-taught or did you study art?

Both, all artists are self-taught, formally trained or not. We're always learning from our own mistakes, peers and artists before us.

I did an Animation degree (mostly 3D/VFX focused), took short courses and workshops: life drawing etc., studied techniques from my favourite artists (most accessible way to do this is to analyse and copy their work - with credit if posting), watched art tutorials and made a lot of crappy art in between the good ones.

how did you get into tattooing?

I've been selling and posting art online since uni. Post graduation, I worked for a few years in digital design for some of the biggest music/games marketing and tv production companies, while exhibiting and continuing to share my art online.

Eventually I quit the office grind to go freelance so I could focus on creating art. During this time, my first tattoo mentor found my work on instagram and offered me an apprenticeship, it went from there...

what tattoo equipment do you use?

FKA Irons Spektra Xion pen with Kwadron or Killer Ink needles usually in bugpin 3rl or single needle.

advice for aspiring tattoo artists?

Draw all the time. The fundamentals and develop your own style. It will make the transition to tattooing easier.

If you haven't already, start your online portfolio of designs, Instagram is recommended. It's a good idea to start growing your audience before you start tattooing.

Apply for apprenticeships, this is the safest way to learn. Email shops and look for a mentor with at least 5+ year experience.

Save up money or get a side job, because apprenticeships will be unpaid and hard work. However, abuse shouldn't be expected because "this is how you earn your stripes in the industry". If you're being taken advantage of and abused don't force yourself to stay at a shop because you've been told this is how it works. It's always worth messaging past/current resident artists and apprentices to see how a shop treats them before applying.

exhibitions and events

the future,,
2022, Oct 30, Blæc Tattoo Halloween Flash day, London

the past ,,
2022, Blæc Tattoo Birthday Flash day, London
2016, 'Conflict', Dark Sugars, London
2016, 'Roots', Dark Sugars, London
2016, 'Pancakes & Booze', Studio Spaces, London
2016, 'Origins', Dark Sugars, London
2016, 'ERA-404', The Ben Oakley gallery, London
2015, 'It's the Dogs', The Ben Oakley gallery, London
2015, 'Femme Fierce' Street Art Festival, London
2014, 'Valentine Art Show' Brighton Tattoo Convention, Brighton
2014, 'Art In Mind', Brick Lane gallery, London
2014, 'The Scribble Project', City Library, Melbourne
2013, 'No Flakes', The Ben Oakley gallery, London
2012, 'Urban Barrier', No Format gallery, London

contact me

for enquiries or collaborations etc. email